Our Story

I'm Lily, The Fix owner and Lead Organizer. Organizing has always been something that comes naturally to me, when I was young I would make my Christmas list by cutting out images from catalogs, categorizing the items, and creating a booklet that was alphabetical and laminated. This practice of organizing is something that I naturally do and it gives me so much joy and peace. 

After graduating from college and being at my first full time job, I was faced with a lot of stress and heightened anxiety. I would come home to a messy unorganized apartment and it would make me feel even more anxious. I started taking on organizing projects on the weekend in my apartment which slowly minimized my stress and anxiety during the week. 

One evening I was talking with my family about how therapeutic it was to create an organized home. I wanted to bring this peace of mind to other people and show them how different your life can be when you’re coming home to an organized space. That is when The Fix began. 

I started organizing family and friends homes (some reluctantly let me do this) but in the end everyone had the same reaction. They couldn’t believe what a difference a little organization made, not only in their homes but for their mental health. 

I love that people let me into their lives for a few days and that I am able to make a difference for them. Having an organized space changes your everyday life and decreases stress; I want to create this for as many people as I can!